Idea Validation OS

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Idea Validation OS

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“A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules.”
― Leonardo DiCaprio

As Creative Minds, Our minds Generate an Abundance of Ideas at any time, but, not all ideas need our attention, some of them have Real Potential to Change the world & some of them only exist because we think they will have potential in the Future ( May be True sometimes but not all the time ), but no one knows what future holds.

So, it is necessary to Distill the idea based on the Proven Matrix & Frameworks,

Yours only "Strategic Assessment" Idea Validation OS which has an Inbuild Set of Frameworks, Canvas & Matrix to Evaluate your Every Idea

"Idea Validation OS" has it all...

The Benefits it will Unlock...

  • Save 1000+ Ideas in a single Database
  • Know which idea of Yours is Urgent & Important
  • Know which idea needs your attention first
  • Validate the Idea within a Matter of Minutes
  • Store & Evaluate the idea as & when your creative mind has it
  • Assessment of your Ideas with a Set of Proven Frameworks

What Included in Product: An Self Explanatory Notion Template with set of Frameworks & Matrix

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